Happiness and Positivity


Happiness is one of those things that will always exist in the world in the same way that every other emotion does. It is however something you have to look for sometimes when things get tough but it IS always there. I feel like in 2017 a lot of people made a promise to only keep things in their lives that have a positive effect and I think this year I really did that. We all can find happiness anywhere as long as we look for it.

It is also important to know yourself and what makes you happy. If it’s taking time for yourself and having a bath or reading a book, or putting a coat on and walking wherever your feet take you, whatever it is, do it. Make time for it and do it as often as you can. At the end of the day, in a world full of stress and business there are always little nooks of tranquility and the more time you make for them, the more they come.

Being healthy, as hard as it can seem, can make life so much happier. On days when I get up at 1pm and eat complete rubbish and sit watching TV all day, are amazing every now and again, but everyday? It can make life seem long and hard and not very productive. If you drink water, eat healthier, try and get some exercise every day, (particularly at the start of the day. When I start the day with exercise and then shower I feel so refreshed the whole day is far more productive) and spend time with people you love, being happy becomes so much easier.

Happiness is something that becomes easier to grasp as you get older, but of course not everything is going to be peachy all the time. Allowing yourself to feel down is allowed, of course, we are all only human and we hurt sometimes. But dwelling on it is what makes it most painful. Feel upset, let it hurt, but as soon as that sadness goes, leave it there. Try not to pick it back up again and just look forward. Live in the moment not the past, not the future.

These are just a few photos of times where I lived in the moment, and had SO much fun. I encourage you to pursue everything you love and always make time for happiness because nothing will replace it.


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