As I mentioned in a previous post about Israel, Megan and I are both pescatarian. For anyone who doesn’t know, this means we don’t eat meat, but we do eat fish. This was one of our new years resolutions and so far we’re going strong.

There are many reasons for people becoming vegetarian or vegan or pescatarian or anything in between. This post isn’t to convince anyone to do this it’s just us talking about it and explaining what it’s like.

Megs and I both have similiar reasons but they aren’t the typical ones most people have. We both know that for us personally it’s healthier to not eat meat. I’m not saying that it is what is healthier for everyone, but for us not eating meat is. It is also better for the planet. Eating lots of red meat is bad for the environment and even if it’s only two people, that will still make a small difference to the planet. A lot of people believe that it’s not fair on the animals that we eat them. I don’t believe it’s bad that we eat them. I do think that the way some animals are treated in farms and factories etc. is disgusting and needs to change, but the actual process of eating meat, in my opinion only, is the food chain and the circle of life and all that jazz. I believe we were supposed to eat them and it’s how they’re treated when they’re alive that is the problem, not eating them afterwards.

These are some pictures of food Megs has made/eaten recently…


Both us being keen sportswomen, we need to make sure we still have enough protein to keep us healthy while we do sports. This is why we still eat fish… and we both loveeee a good bit of sushi 😉

Here are a few of my favourite recipe books, two of which are vegan, which are perfect for every meal of the day.

Eat Smart – Niomi Smart      £31.21

Deliciously Ella Everyday    £17.94

Fern Cotton – Cook Happy, Cook Healthy      £20

Mine and Meg’s favourite fish restaurants are by far, The Jetty in Brighton and The Porter in Bath.


I hope this inspires you to enjoy every bite of food you eat and even, if you aren’t vegetarian, or maybe you are, have a try of things like beans and lentils ensued you don’t have to be vegetarian to eat yummy food that doesn’t have meat in it. 🙂


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