Israel 27-3/12-01/2016-2017

Israel is country very close to my (Jess) heart. My sister lives there and so do a lot of my family. So when it was time for us to go visit her there, who better to go with than my best friend? The trip started after Christmas and over New Year and we came back fresh in 2017.

Flight and Arrival

We started in Tel Aviv, a big city by the beach. We stayed in the David Intercontinental Hotel which was HUGEEE. There are hundreds of rooms and a lovely pool, unfortunately the pool wasn’t open as it was the height of winter in Israel, which obviously to us Brits was sunglasses and shorts weather, but it’s the thought that counts. One thing we can say about that hotel was we have never eaten such good pitta in our lives and we were stuck with constant bloated tummies full of gorgeous hummus.

thumbnail_FullSizeRender (6).jpg


One of the days we went into the city of Jaffa to the markets, both of us bought “Israelis” also known as Firepants. They are comfy, thin, baggy trousers often with Middle-Eastern patterns all over them.

thumbnail_FullSizeRender (8)

We found lots of pretty hidden gems in the city and typical us, took many pictures of them. Jaffa is such a beautiful city and we also saw the view over the sea from a viewpoint… we seemed to stumble across a lot of viewpoints over the trip.

Before going to dinner at a vegan restaurant we might have ordered room service



Another great day we had was a day trip to Jerusalem. We visited the Western Wall and ate amazing Shwarma (Before vegetarianism). The city is so pretty, full of ancient stone and winding streets.

 We also apparently both decided we were farmers that day and we have to say both of us are loving dungarees at the minute! Mine are from Urban Outfitters and Meg’s are from Topshop.

New Years Eve

(Megs) the next day – new years eve – we packed our bags and headed North to stay at a different hotel, stopping on the way for some food at a restaurant in an Arabic town. Me and Jess found the whole experience very interesting as the town was different to anywhere we’d been before. We also managed to find a beautiful viewpoint again…

When we finally made it to the hotel we were amazed at how beautiful it was! Me and Jess basically had our own house in the trees, there were only about 4 rooms in the whole hotel and we were the only guests there at that time so we were treated like royalty 🙂 We then quickly got ready for new years celebrations and wore two dresses from American Apparel which we bought on the first day, and headed out to dinner.

thumbnail_FullSizeRender (19)

The restaurant was amazing and the food was so so so good! Here’s our desserts… (sorry for bad quality they are from a video I took!)

Once we got back to the hotel it was less than an hour till 12:00 so we changed into Bikinis and got into the Hot tub for the countdown!


New Years Day

New years day was probably one of my favorite days ever, simply because all we did was lie in bed all day (We know, great way to start the year). We set resolutions, ate, slept, drank gorgeous tea, binge watched Naomi Smart and also became empowered to become Pescetarian, and we still are to this day! We also got some very cute,  furry and small visitors…


The next day was also pretty chill, we visited the village and had a cute lunch in a cafe.

Leaving ;(

We were extremely sad to be leaving the beautiful country but the plane was calling us, so we got on a midday flight and landed back in England in the evening. We also did some shopping in the beauty section of Duty Free…. obviously?!


להתראות ישראל









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