April Favorites

Welcome to our first Favorites post of the month! This is what we’ve been loving in the glorious month of April…


First up in the beauty category is:

 Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipstick in the shade ‘I’m Nude’ (which I purchased from Beauty Bay).

This colour is EVERYTHING! I struggle to find pale nude liquid lipsticks that wont look dark on me as every liquid lipstick I own seems dramatically darker than the pictures as I have pale skin BUT this lipstick is the perfect colour for my complexion and its a beautiful cool toned pinky-nude. The formula is amazing – its dries down but still has a slight tackiness so it doesn’t dry out your lips. I cant stop wearing this and I would 100% recommend  

Price: £16


Nivea ‘Rich Regenerating Night Cream’

I decided to change my night cream at the start of the month as my skin is getting even more dryer as the days get hotter, so I opted for an intensely moisturizing night cream aimed for dry skin gals. This cream feels so smooth, rich and luxurious and Iv’e definitely noticed a difference in the dryness of my skin! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Price: £3.02 (specific?!)

Lush ‘Dark Angels’ face and body scrub

Only bought This recently but I had to add this to my favorites. Iv’e loved lush for years and I love what they stand for – and this product is soooo good. It seems scary at first because its a very dark black colour due to the Charcoal added in the scrub, but when you use it it really feels like your face is being deeply cleansed and I love that! Its also full of super raw and organic ingredients which benefits the skin.

Get a small amount from the tub, and mix it into a paste with some water (see photos) then apply to face 🙂

Price: £7.25/100g or £18.10/250g



As a whole i’m loving skirts in spring (original I know…) but I have Three specific favorites:

The Topshop Mini Denim Skirt , The Primark pleated satin skirt (Primark don’t sell online so I will link a picture – you’ll be able to find it in stores) and the Primark cream A-line mini skirt (Again this isn’t online and I was unable to find a picture but I will post one below of me wearing it – you’ll be able to find it in stores)

I think skirts are so in right now and they are the perfect thing to take an outfit to the next level, I love the fact they can be casual and formal!


Topshop skirt: £29

Primark pleated skirt: £13

Primark A-line skirt: £10

Home wear…

Urban Outfitters ‘Sloth Print’ Mug

This beautiful mug was a present from none other than Jess (surprise surprise). We both have this mug and honestly it feels so special every time I use it, not only is it Good quality but its just the cutest thing ever! Like my mum says “Tea tastes better in a good mug”.

Price: £5-10 (cant remember)


So my first beauty favorite of the month is:

The Loreal pure clay glow mask (the pinky/orange one)

Considering the hours that I have to be up for, I most definitely do NOT get enough sleep, so naturally I have quite dull skin. I apply this mask once or twice a week and leave it on for about 15 minutes, sometimes a bit it longer if I’m in the bath but be careful not leave it too long because, as any mask would, it could start to irritate you skin. The mask has tiny exfoliating beads which help with textured skin and the colour just makes your skin the brightest most healthy looking thing you have ever seen. If I’m having a dull skin day or want a bit of a pamper, I live by it.

Price: £7.99 for the 50ml that comes in the tub

Elf Mad for Matte eyeshadow palette 

I must admit this is a pain to get hold of and customs and border prices are wayyyy too high, but I wouldn’t put it up on here if I didn’t think it was worth the money. Especially for the price, this palette is amazing and is so comparable to eyeshadows more than twice its price and it has every eyeshadow to make perfect, warm eye looks, dramatic and less so. Lots of crease shades and nice darker ones to deepen the crease and smoke out the look too. I have been using this none stop this month.

Price: $10/£7.80


Next up I’ve got a fashion favorite for this month which is…


I’ve always loved rings and wear them everyday and I liked wearing necklaces and bracelets etc. but always found myself forgetting to put them on and just going without them. Recently I’ve been wearing them a lot more and I feel they just complete an outfit perfectly. I don’t have any specific favorites but I love doubling up necklaces or adding two charms from different chains onto one to create my own jewelry. I recently bought a few bits from Topshop including a ring set which I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of. Any jewelry in general is lovely just to add a little extra to any outfit.



I know reading isn’t for everyone, Megs definitely isn’t books’ number one fan, but when we go traveling together she enjoys reading magazines etc. Over the Easter holidays I’ve massively rediscovered my love for reading and read through many books. It’s such a nice way to unwind at the end of a day, or a refreshing easy start at the beginning. You can be absorbed into a whole different person’s work and that’s the magic of it.

My current favourite book of all time is “Everything Everything” by Nicola Yoon. It is part of Zoella’s book club and I received it as a present for my birthday last year.


Price: £7.99 in store/£5.14 from amazon

The sky

I don’t know whether you can tell yet, but I’m a bit of a spiritual one. I’m all about nature, not in a “I want to go live like Bear Grylles with my sloth friends,” but appreciating how beautiful the world we live in is, is always at the top of my list. The sky is such a huge and beautiful thing that whenever I’ve had a stressful or not a great day, I look at the sky and 9 times out of 10, the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen. It always reminds me that no matter how big i think the problem is now, it is nothing compared to my life and the world. I helps to put everything in life into perspective, while being a sight for sore eyes. So maybe next time you’re having a bad day or just a bad minute or two, look up

(PS. all these photos were taken by Jess – They are stunning) thumbnail_FullSizeRender (24)thumbnail_IMG_7514thumbnail_FullSizeRender (25)thumbnail_IMG_7516


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