Bath 17-19/4/17

We traveled to Bath, UK for two and a bit days this week and overall loved the town and the vibe! here’s what happened over the few days…


After the hour and half journey  and the usual car singalong, we checked into Queensberry hotel which was very cute and very welcoming, we then headed out to have brunch/early lunch at a lovely cafe type place called ‘The Loft’, the food was incredible and just what we needed. I had a goats cheese, pepper and cress melt and Jess had a cheese, tomato and pesto panini with a side salad of peas, beans, tarragon and other healthy veg.

We then headed down to the shops and had a massive splurge in Primark (which was part of the plan we promise!) and bought some nice spring/summer clothes. We also went to Topshop and bought a couple of lovely things too, I bought a cute playsuit which has a lovely green and pink tropical print, and Jess bought a ring set which have beautiful stones in, and a black and white patterned bikini.

We then walked back to our hotel room, chucked our shopping in our room and found a nice spot outside to take some photos,IMG_0538IMG_0528After the mini photo shoot we quickly changed outfits and headed out for dinner at a restaurant called The Porter’, the food was AMAZING and our waiter was lovely! Me and Jess shared two mains, One was Sea Bass with asparagus, aubergine caviar and a butter sauce and the other was crab, with pickled pear and some type of biscuits. For desert Jess had a Sticky Toffee pudding and I had a lemon meringue pie.


We had an early breakfast in the hotel, and then headed to the ‘Thermae Bath Spa’ in the town, which is a spa with pools which are natural hot spring water from bath, we got changed into bikinis and robes and headed to the top floor, which is a rooftop pool looking over sunny Bath. The pool was lovely and warm and occasionally the pool bubbled like a hot tub. We then had a quick stop in the cafe there and Me and Jess had a quick mocha and a nice read of a book/magazine. We then headed to the bottom floor to the inside pool which is the same water and temperature as the previous pool and had anther swim and read before leaving. The whole spa was very relaxing and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there! (they didn’t allow phones or photography in the spa so here’s some photos I found online)

We then spent a little more time in town, had a wagamamas for lunch and bought some macaroons as a sweet treat (I got chocolate, salted caramel and coffee and Jess got chocolate, salted caramel and raspberry). We then decided that we would go on a little trip to Prior Park, about 10/20 minutes because we’d heard they were beautiful an thought it would be a good photo opportunity!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then chilled in our hotel room, got ready for the evening and headed to dinner at Hall and Wood house. We both had a fallafel and Halloumi Burger with red peppers, guac and humous – we approved 🙂


We  had breakfast at the hotel again – Toast, cereal, coffee and tea, packed our bags and headed home 😦

Thank you Bath! its been real


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